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Reiki Musings

Naran S Balakumar

  1. Symbols are nothing but light.

  2. Any problems can be healed with Reiki.

  3. There are no intentions that can't be fulfilled with Reiki. Though you need to have good desires and good intentions. It’s a powerful energy but subtle and therefore we can’t see it.

  4. Reiki activates the natural healing process inside us. Our bodies have this capacity, which has to be activated. Reiki helps us to do that.

  5. Reiki means discipline. Thoughts and emotions Thought is subtler and lighter than emotion. If I look at somebody I can make out whether he is sad or angry. However, can I read the thoughts behind their mind? No, as thoughts are subtler than emotions. Reiki is subtler than the thought. Reiki heal me for my highest good We need to ask Reiki to heal us for our highest good. Why? I make 1 million dollars, but if I have no time for my wife and children, in what way it will help me. Watch the world! We don’t have a relationship with nature. There is violence and problems in many forms. These wounded relationships with family, world, nature and others can be rectified by Reiki. We are related with each other We are related with each other. E.g., this chapatti, which is made by somebody, delivered by somebody, out of wheat produced by some farmer, who used fertilisers produced by somebody else and so on. Thus this chapatti has come to our hands, thanks to so many people. Let us offer them our thanks. This will produce love inside us. Thanks Prayer A worker cleans the drainage. We need to say thanks to him. Think differently and act differently. Think with heart and act with heart. Close your eyes and say thanks to everybody. Starting from your parents, teachers and many others – even if you don’t remember their names (imagine their faces). Carrier of a message We come across many people every day. Each one of them carries a special message for us. In this world, nothing happens unnecessarily. Everything has a purpose behind it – whether it’s a quarrel or a loving interaction. When we think all this is because of universal energy, then we develop trust in it. Trust in Reiki or Divine alone can make us love and thank better.


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