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Reiki during Surgery

Farida Can Reiki be sent to person when he/she is having surgery or do we need to send it before and after surgery?

Naran  It can be sent. Change the intention. During the surgery, fill the person with Reiki asking the body to open up and co-operate with surgery. You can also fill the doctors in theatre and ask Reiki to enhance their surgical skills, assist, direct and guide them in the process.

R Mohan I tried Reiki when my friend had a surgery inside her nose. I cursed her for putting herself through knife. She was in such a pitiable state. As per suggestion of Naran, I visualized her in bed, completely covered by a big CHO KU REY symbol. When I visited her next day, she looked completely transformed, with no hint of surgery. That’s the healing power of Reiki.


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