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Reiki for Others

Naran S Balakumar Giving Reiki to somebody means giving them energy. Wherever the energy is less, give Reiki. Give Reiki to anything that requires energy. You may give energy to whole of the world. If your bed room lacks energy, then draw the symbols over the room. Give Reiki daily to your Family photograph For the house where you are staying, or over the address written on a paper give Reiki Give Reiki to drinking water and make others drink it. It’s very effective. Spray the Reiki water over the floor, and house garden. When we give Reiki to children they learn to live with Reiki. When you fight with somebody give Reiki to them as they are indirectly asking for it. Send it to the people around you as all of them are our projections. You can visualize the person and draw symbols over his body part that requires healing. If you have a problem visualizing, write the name of the person in a piece of paper and give Reiki to it. For multiple people, write their names in one sheet of paper and give Reiki to the paper. Reiki is intelligent and it will heal the concerned people.


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