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Reiki Colour Therapy for Other Ailments and Life Situations

  1. Cho Ku Rei (green) water can reduce allergic reactions, histamine release is inhibited.

  2. Cho Ku Rei water can reduce high B.P. and dilates capillaries. It stimulates pituitary gland. A must water during infectious fever.

  3. Cho Ku Rei water, if applied on the glands will balance them.

  4. Orange (Zonar) water can be used for removing guilt and grief.

  5. By giving Zonar water, the child will start eating well. Zonar expands lungs. It releases spasm inmuscle cramps. Prepare Zonar oil and massage it.

  6. Zonar water is to be given to mothers who breast feed the child.

  7. Zonar water improves circulation.

  8. For over use of Throat and throat pains, regular use of Zonar water is helpful. Give Zonar water to bed-wetting children.

  9. By giving Sei He Ki water, (blue) it tranquilises, i.e., pulse rate is slowed down. It reduces appetite and lowers body temperature. 10.  Sei He Ki water can be taken just before sitting for meditation. 11.  Sei He Ki water is anti-inflammatory. If you want anybody to be sincere, devoted give Sei He Ki water. 12.  Sei He Ki water can be taken before sleep. 13.  Crying babies can be given Sei He Ki water. 14.  Sei He Ki water will activate the glands. 15.  Give Rama and Zonar water before any lunch or dinner, people will happily eat everything. When there is fear, depression, gloom and worry, give Rama and Zonar water. It also helps those who say, “I don’t know how to solve. I am in total darkness.” 16.  Rama water will increase appetite. 17.  For gout, arthritic pains, paralysis, and numbness, purchase Til oil daily put Rama Symbol and keep it for seven days. Then use it. Apply on the affected area.


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