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Recreate the Life You Want

NaranI am Helpless and Living In Hell! How can I create my world? As long as I believe that I and My Mind are one and the same, and accepting whatever mind creates, my life is helpless and hell. As long as I am not aware that I can RECREATE or REPROGRAM my life, I lose all the power. Not knowing that I can reprogram my mind and life is ignorance. Our mind is full of emotions, thoughts, and reactions. As long as they alone make up our mind, we don’t have any choice but to live our lives without any power.

Become POWERFULWhen there is awareness, when we come to know that we are not our mind, a new POWER surges in.  We will be able to RECREATE our own world to an extent with this little awareness. We can then become POWERFUL and take our lives into our own hands. Releasing is a self-empowering tool, which changes our outlook about our lives. What is this technique all about? It is simply a process of letting go and releasing the emotions and thoughts as and when they arise. How to implement it? It is very simple. Whenever we tend to react, just say, “I let go this feeling”. E.g., “Fear, can you please go? This is not the time for you. For the time being please go out. This is not your place either.” See what happens. The mind becomes baffled and the emotion flees.

Do not react, but release and actReactions destroy our peace of mind. Once our uncontrollable emotions and thoughts are let off, we will find a peace deep inside us. Releasing is a technique for allowing us to change on the spot. Releasing allows us to handle any problem by releasing and letting go and thus stops the inner mental struggle. Reactions intensify the mental struggle. Releasing gives us a new outlook. Reactions repeat the same drama.


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