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Receive the Grace of Lakshmi

Naran S Balakumar “SURYA NARAYANAM LAKSHMI NARAYANAM” is the mantra for memory, and property. Suryan means light. Lakshmi is always with Narayanan. You will not find Lakshmi very easily, though she is in the heart of Narayana. That is you will not get the real grace of Lakshmi. So how can I get the grace of Lakshmi? When we take the light of Suryan, Lakshmi will come. Why she comes? How Suryan can show Lakshmi to this world?

Lakshmi is in the heart of Narayana There is a history behind this as to how Lakshmi came to this world? When the Devas were churning the sea, Lakshmi appeared. Suryan was present in the world even before the appearance of Lakshmi. At that time Suryan was the Lakshmi. The name of that Lakshmi was “SURYA PRABHA TEJO ROOPA”. It means “With this light I see the full grace of Lakshmi”.

What is the grace of Lakshmi? It is happiness. Those who have money are not happy. Even others are also not happy. That happiness is missing somewhere. The moment you get happiness, you will get everything. This Lakshmi mantra is chanted in the Abundance CD.

Why this mantra gives us happiness? NAM in the mantra will activate the solar plexus chakra. If you want happiness then the solar plexus chakra must be active. Therefore, we require NAM. Solar plexus represents fire element. My internal sun, which is the solar plexus chakra, needs to be active. If you are not able to get happiness from anything then by chanting this mantra you will get the happiness. How? It is because all outside things are tools for happiness (and not the source of happiness). Money is a tool for happiness. Marriage is a tool for happiness, and so on. However, happiness is energy inside us. If that happiness has to come out then this mantra NARAYANAM has to be too chanted.


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