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Reach destination on time

Yasoshree6 months before my family has shifted to new place near Bhubaneswar. Every day, my husband faces the problem of getting auto rickshaw due to poor road conditions. The auto driver charge more than usual fare taking advantage of this condition and my husband have fight with them regarding auto fare. Due to all these happenings, he reaches office lately. Please suggest any remedy for my husband so that he will not face problem of getting auto and reach his destination on time.

NaranCall WOLF for getting the auto. While sitting in the auto ask him to chant MIMULUS. The Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus chanting will help one get the right fare

PriyaCall the Animal Spirit Guide before getting out of the house and request the Wolf to help your husband get to the office on time….the WOLF will do miracles.

SunitaHi Priya, You are right. I too found the wolf very helpful while travelling many a times to new places. Thanks


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