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Program Your Life - Part I

NaranWhen you look at the whole world you will understand we only are holding on to mind. What is the opposite of letting go? “Holding on to” is the opposite word. Holding will restrict us. Letting go expands us. By letting go you are discharging from yourself what is not required by you, like Water putting out the Fire. Body and Nature Follows this rule 100%. Watch the body. What it does? Whatever is inhaled, lungs have to exhale out. Lungs cannot keep the air even for one second. Heart – what does it do? It takes in blood and sends it out immediately. Blood enters the heart through Auricles and let out through Ventricles. Whatever you take in, has to be let it out. It is the natural process of the body. Lungs contract to let go, kidneys contract to let go urine, intestines peristaltically (downward movement) contract to let go the faeces and skin lets go by sweat. The mouth lets go whatever you eat to the stomach. Stomach lets it go to the intestine. Intestine and kidneys let go as excretion. Morning lets go to the noon, the noon lets go and becomes afternoon. Afternoon lets go and become the evening, and then evening to night. Each and every second gives way to the next. Let go before taking the action. Then let go the emotions and thoughts attached to results. Ask the questions:

  1. What do you expect to achieve?

  2. What is the driver desire or wanting behind each emotion and thought?

  3. Wanting to control or change?

  4. Wanting appreciation, recognition? (Desire for Approval)

  5. Wanting more security? (fearful)With this technique, you are not prevented from doing anything. Let go emotions as well as thoughts, and then Act. “You are only entitled to Act. Don’t think about the result while doing” – says Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita. The theory, we propose here is a new dimension to Bhagavat Gita and a new understanding of the Gita. Read the 2nd part of the article here:

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