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Problems in Thyroid Glands

Naran S Balakumar “NAMASHIVAYAM” mantra helps for Thyroid related problems. Why it works very well for thyroid problems? When the poison came out of the sea – Parkadal (ocean of milk), as per Hindu mythology, Shiva consumed it and his throat became blue. Iodine colour is blue too. The thyroid secretion has to be in correct level, inside us, neither more nor less. Iodine tincture is known to be a great antiseptic. It heals very fast burns and wounds. Only Siva can handle this iodine, in thyroid. Namashivayam mantra works by balancing the thyroid. We are taking the resource of the person who can handle poison. No religion is here. Any mantra fills up the molecules of water. Chant the mantra and give the mantra treated water to the person suffering from Thyroid Problems.


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