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Pray to Solar Healing Rays for a Healthy Life

You have to gaze at the sun one hour after sun rise (5.45 am) or from 5 to 6 PM for 10 to 15 minutes.

Affirm, “With each and very inhalation, I receive solar DNA repairing rays, solar rays of cell integrity and healing rays that blossom the lotus”.

Please note here that Goddess Lakshmi (goddess for wealth) comes out of the lotus.

Sun has all colours in it. Due to our bad life style, we need its energy to heal.

Sun is a great healer. With the right intention, you can get any healing energy you want.

Alternatively you may also listen to Solar Energy CD Also

While listening, our prayer starts with asking sun-god, “Bring the necessary solar healing rays to heal the chakras”.

At each chakra position, draw the necessary symbol – Basic Chakra Rama symbol, Hara Chakra Zonar symbol, Spleen chakra Shanthi symbol, Solar Plexus Hosanna, Heart Chakra Cho ku rei and for throat Chakra – Sei he ki.


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