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Pranava Roopini - Free Mantra Chanting

Naran S Balakumar “PRANAVA ROOPINI, HREENGARA ROOPINI, SACHITAANANDA ROOPINI, SURYA MANDALA VASINI, NITHYAM NAMAMYAHAM” This mantra is for greenery. It revives all trees and plants. It balances the five elements in the (surrounding) environment so that all of us can get rains in the right time. Hreengara Roopini is the one who brings in the rain - sufficient rains with no flooding. Sachitaananda Roopini is the one who makes all of us happy. We are purview of the solar galaxy (Surya Mandala Vasini), who only can give us the rains. Wherever this mantra is chanted, there will not be any scarcity for food. One might be rich, but he mayn’t take food to his own satisfaction. However, we want to eat daily satisfactorily until the end of our life is always our aim. This is the mantra for that. The chanting of the mantras is available in a DVD. Please contact center to buy a copy of the same.


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