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Physical Ailments - PSORIASIS

PSORIASIS A state where skin cells reproduce themselves every second day instead of 21 days. This produces excessive peeling. SLOW CARE RESCIND 21 DIVINE ORDER The symptoms increase when there is stress, lack of poly-unsaturated-fats . For PUSF – Flax seed oil. A balance between the chemicals AMP and GMB is necessary to maintain 21 day cycle. When this is broken, the skin cells production goes out of control. Poor digestion of protein produces toxic amino acid (polyamine) which breaks this balance. Vitamin A stops the formation of polyamine. Kanji 48 – Stability symbol SCLERANTHUS ADJUST AMP, GMB. END STOP POLYAMINE OVER Liver has to be toned - LIVER OPEN ADD CRYSTAL CLEAR POLYAMINE. Flower remedies : CRAB APPLE , AGRIMONY, PINE, WILLOW, SCLERANTHUS, IMPATIENS Homeopathic Combination : Hepar Sulph, Gunpowder, Silica – (Each 6x) is highly helpful 


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