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Physical Ailments - HIGH B.P.

HIGH B.P. In High B.P. fear will be more. In high B.P, arteries thicken and harden , cannot “contract”, “shrink”, The pressure increase is to produce more friction [ heat is required for maintaining the organs] to correct the imbalance. SUGGESTIONS Switch words CONCEDE CLEAR REVERSE ADJUST WITH LOVE – To clear the friction Sudden rise in B.P. – BE TINY ADJUST NOW TOGETHER FLOW OPEN ALLOW [ Allow will directly lower B.P] ALLOW CLEAR CLOTS OPEN MOVE ON, CIRCULATE ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE ALLOW CLEAR LDL OPEN MOVE ON CIRCULATE ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE Flower remedies: HOLLY, AGRIMONY, CHERRY PLUM , IMPATIENS, MIMULUS Cardorium plus – Herbal tonic Homeopathy Remedies Crategus / Passiflora / Rauwolfia Q [ Q- Mother tincture] Strophanthus Q – Excellent for kidney and heart Calcium mix with Magnesium and potassium will dissolve excess sodium from body. Garlic – sold as Allium Sativum (6x) in homeopathy shops will reduce high b.p. Lecithin dissolves blood clots in the veins, emulsifies fats and cholesterol. Fel tauri 6x Affirmation I release that part of me which caused High B.P. I release that part of me which increased High B.P I align with the part of me which adjust B.P.


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