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Physical Ailments - CHOLESTROL

CHOLESTROL Increase in blood level cholesterol will degenerate arteries which may result in high b.p. and coronary thrombosis. Cholesterol is synthesized by liver; tone up liver; Metal affecting wood – reducing easy flow. SUGGESTIONS Need increase in the state of love

  1. Release the desire to control

  2. Release the desire for approval

  3. I love and accept myself totally. Believe that life is a process of choice. Everyone you meet contributes to your growth. Forgive and Thank all the past; especially parents. SWITCH WORDS For reducing cholesterol – CHICORY, CLEAR LDL ADD HDL ADJUST ALLOW CLEAR CLOTS OPEN MOVE ON, CIRCULATE ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE ALLOW CLEAR LDL OPEN MOVE ON CIRCULATE ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE ALLOW CLEAR LDL DEPOSIT MOVE ON TOGETHER CONFESS ALLOW CLEAR FAT MOVE ON HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES– A mix of Lecithin, cholestrerinum, Fel tauri - each 6x is a perfect combination to dissolve excess LDL


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