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ANAL FISSURES, HAEMORRHOIDS, PILES Caused by overstretching of Anus due to constipation. Sharp stabbing pain while passing the motion. Persists for some time and then subsides. Piles are varicose inflamed veins around the lower end of the colon on the wall of anus. Bleeding pain, itching lump. SUGGESTIONS When there is pressure, the veins are dilated and the tissue thickens. Increase fiber intake, take water as per the might – kg (wt) *.033 Aloe vera juice (15 ml) in the morning on empty stomach, 15 ml before going to sleep. Aloe vera repairs the thickened tissues. FLOWER REMEDIES: WALNUT, OAK, HORN BEAM, SCLERANTHUS GEM REMEDIES: CORAL


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