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Patience alone can help us

Updated: Mar 4


If he shows anger on me, according to him, I should behave like a matured wife. I should behave same as in normal condition, in a polite way. He loves me through my politeness. These are his expectations.

Can I change myself through this way, because if he becomes angry I can’t handle him politely? At that time, I feel bad why he should get angry on me. And I don’t like his bad behavior either. However, if by changing my behavior, my relationship takes a good way, then I am ready to become polite.

Naran S Balakumar

When he gets angry, be in the SAFE and SECURE MUDRA and chant “CHERRY PLUM, IMPATIENS”. Our endurance and patience only can help us.

How to do Safe and Secure mudra?

Thumb touching the tip of ring and little finger on both the hands.

Read more about the uses of Safe and Secure mudra


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