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Safe and Secure Mudra

Updated: Mar 4

  1. You will sleep like a child.

  2. If there are a lot of worries, you will be able to release it.

  3. When you think you have a financial problem, not able to meet your financial issues or whenever you need money, then do this Mudra.

  4. When you want money, chant the switch words, “FIND COUNT DIVINE”, while doing this Mudra. Even if you don’t have a source to get money, you will still get it. FIND – find by chance or by luck. It is a command to the subconscious mind, directing it to find the money somewhere, because I want to COUNT. DIVINE means find it miraculously. Other benefits of this Mudra are:

  5. This Mudra also can erase any bad name. You don’t know how to mend your status in life.

  6. This Mudra activates moon energy in you. You will become popular when moon is activated.

  7. Moon is also required for harmony.

  8. When a person is angry we always have a tendency to resist and react with anger. This is our natural tendency.

  9. When somebody criticizes you, then be in this Mudra. He will go away or his anger will come down. When you change your energy, the opposite person’s energy has to change too.

  10. Whenever you are angry or feel irritated then do this Mudra. It is a relationship Mudra.

  11. This is also a stress buster.

  12. You can chant flower remedies, switch words while doing the Mudra.

How to do Safe and Secure mudra?

Thumb touching the tip of ring and little finger on both the hands.


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