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No quarrel and fight with others

Naran S Balakumar When you keep the picture of Swan in the Third-eye Center, you will be able to see the positive qualities in others. When you think, “I am not able to understand this person. Why he behaves like this”, at that time picture of Swan can be kept in your third-eye and you can sleep over that. Keep the picture of swan in your forehead by tying a rubber band over it and you can go to sleep. Then you will only positive qualities in other people. I have heard people saying, ‘There is no quarrel or fight between us, however, the moment I see her, I feel irritated”. And you say ‘I don’t like to see the other person’. We always feel we are highly (positively) energy people, filled with good energy, but certain others are carrying negative energy. If you develop any irritation without a reason then keep picture of swan in third-eye and heart centers.


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