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Names of Yama – the God of Death

Naran S Balakumar “DHARMARAAJAM NAMAMYAHAM, SAMANAM NAMAMYAHAM, KRIDHANTHAM NAMAMYAHAM, DHANDA-DHARAM NAMAMYAHAM, KAALAM NAMAMYAHAM, YAMAM NAMAMYAHAM, PUNYAMITRAM NAMAMYAHAM, EESAM NAMAMYAHAM” These eight mantras are given by Savitri. After she met Yama Dharmaraja – the god of death and darkness, she was revealed the high, true knowledge of divine. At that time, she chanted eight Slokas, praising the god of death in eight different ways. Savitri says that those who chant this will never have any fear of death.

What is the healing aspect of this mantra? Kaalam – time, you cannot win over it nor can you escape from it. You have to wait for the time. You have to prostrate to the time to transcend it. Each of these eight mantras can be used in an energy circle for various life situations. Please read the next article in this series to the meaning of this mantra:


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