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My husband suspects me a lot

Keerthana Read your articles and you have simply created miracles.  Can you please help me on my problem? I recently got married. My husband suspects me a lot. He does not trust me at all. For everything he finds a mistake in me. If I try to convince him, he finds mistake in it. He suspects me so much, that if we go out he even says that I should into even look at other guy. He restricts me in wearing modern dressed. He misunderstands for everything total He fights with me every day. Please help me by making him to Love, Trust and believe me. Please help me in getting his Love completely.

Naran Buy Bach flower remedies HOLLY, VINE, CHICORY, BEECH and WALNUT. Put the drops or pills (2 drops of each; or 4 pills of each) in water. Boil it. Cool it then pour the warm water in common drinking water. If the water is drunk by both of you, harmony can be achieved. Daily do the forgiving statement, “I Keerthana forgive you…. (Insert husband’s name). You please forgive me and release me”. Say this statement daily for 200 times. Keep an AQUAMARINE (gemstone) picture with you. Download a picture of JELLY FISH and paste it on your husband’s photograph. Chant the bija mantras for relationship “OM HUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA OM RUM NAMAHA OM VUM NAMAHA OM LUM NAMAHA” constantly and continuously within your mind.


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