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My Husband is a Great Fault-Finder

Mrs. P I have the following problems in my life:

  1. Recently got married and my husband don’t trust me. He suspects me for everything

  2. He keeps remembering the past mistakes and scolds and keeps on telling that always and fights with me

  3. If we go out he feels that I look at other guys and not at him and because of this he doesn’t come out with me anywhere. Now because of all these, he has started making new friends who are girls and started talking to them.

  4. Earlier he used to share everything with me. Now he doesn’t even talk to me properly.

  5. For everything he misunderstands.

  6. He doesn’t allow me to talk to my earlier friend and some of my cousins who are guys

  7. He does even allow me to wear modern dresses Can you please resolve this problem and somehow save my marriage and get me my love back? Can you please make him understand me, share with me everything and be with me always? Can you please make him somehow to forget the past things, lead a new life with me and be jovial with me? Please bring back the attachment within him. Along with the remedies can you also give me some Bach flower names which I can chant daily and resolve this.

Naran Take the flower remedies WILLOW, HOLLY, VINE and ROCK WATER as a combination. Buy these remedies in any homeopathy shop. Mix 5 pills of each in water. Sip the water 6 to 7 times in a day. Chant the mantras “OM HUM NAMAHA, OM YUM NAMAHA, OM RUM NAMAHA, OM VUM NAMAHA, OM LUM NAMAHA” for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Keep CHIMPANZEE picture with you.


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