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Monkeys Saved the Life of King Shivaji

Naran S Balakumar During the eighteenth century, there lived the great Maharashtrian king Veer Shivaji, who was a disciple of Samarth Ram Dass. He got initiated into Rama Mantra. One day, Shivaji went to a forest to do hunting. He was staying in a tent. Sitting inside the tent, he started chanting the Rama Mantra and forgot himself totally. The forces of Aurangzeb, who were always looking to find an opportunity to kill Shivaji, suddenly seized his tent. When they were about to attack Shivaji, from nowhere, came thousands of monkeys. They killed and drove away the forces of Aurangzeb. The King Veer Shivaji was doing only Rama Mantra Japam. This incident happened in the eighteenth century. While chanting the “Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Ram” mantra, feel the presence of Rama in your heart, by closing your eyes.


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