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Money poured from unexpected sources

I would like to share a beautiful experience with you all. Life before covid was very different. We were prosperous, happy go lucky business class family. Nothing too great but content. My young son was not agreeing to get married, which was causing anxiety. However, deep within I was relieved to have a little more time to arrange for funds for his marriage and another house because we were living in a very tiny apartment with one more son after him. Enter covid and those 2 years finished all our existing business and to survive, it chewed through our savings too. There was no other hope or respite but the Divine Mothers Lotus Feet. I dived headlong into prayers surrendering myself, my family, my situation to Her Lotus Feet. Pre covid, I had started writing the Naran Sir’s 360 days Prosperity statements and now I became even more ardent. Nothing happened for a few months but I kept on writing relentlessly, chanting, praying, and surrendering.

Suddenly everything happened together. My son met a girl who matched his frequency and agreed to marry. The girl is from an extremely rich family and although there were no demands made, we understood that they were going to do a grand wedding. We agreed to split half.

Approximately 8 months later, my son got married in a dream venue with a perfect girl, superb family, with love and blessings from the whole family got a new many things just fell into place miraculously that v r still reeling from amazement and gratitude. Money just poured from unexpected did help come from all the directions. Every one cooperated, there were no hitches. The wedding went off like a dream.

Undoubtedly, I know all this was possible only with Your Divine Grace and Divine love of Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Heartfelt gratitude to my beloved Guru Naran Sir to show us the right path of happiness and abundance.



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