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Might lose most of your teeth

Naran S Balakumar For any pain reduction, chant the mantra, “Om Praam Preem Prowm Saha Shaneye Namaha”.

A case study on this mantra Sheela from Bangalore was reluctant to use this mantra, though I suggested her to chant before her appointment with her dentist. Twice she ignored my advice. On both the occasions her dentist made a pathetic job on her teeth. I warned Sheela that she might lose most of her teeth, if she continues her appointment with her dentist. Third time, she chanted the mantra. She was asked to wait for her third operation. Meanwhile her dentist had a chat with her colleague. He came back to her and said that he wanted to observe her for a few more days before he does the third operation. Now for the last 15 days she had no pain and no extraction. No more meddling till today!!! Chant this mantra before your appointment with your dentist, for any extraction or root canal treatment.


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