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Messages from Animal Spirit Guides


  1. If you sight a Bat or if they appeared in a dream, then you should get good friends. If you think you already have good friends, then you should form a new group of good friends. It’s saying that existing friends are not good.

  2. If you see a Bat it says some good thing is going to happen in terms of money.Bison

  1. If you sight a Bison or Bull, it means you should adopt a flexible approach with your family members.

  2. Bison gives a message that your view may be right, but that are not good to you now.  So changing your views is important, fixed idea/opinions should change. Here, remember the expression "don’t be bull headed.” Blue Whale

  1. Balance your chakras – do Chakra Balancing

  2. Next one year will be a difficult year. However you will succeed. Don’t over spend and save for the future. Avoid the expense you are planning to spend. Chameleon

  1. Be patient

  2. Don’t show your anger

  3. You need to diversify

  4. Take care of your heart and circulatory problems

  5. Tone your heart and express your loveChimpanzee

  1. Take care of your diet patterns

  2. Take nutritious food

  3. Ignore people who gossip

  4. Time for self-assessment – no point in being the same person as you had been in the past Crab

  1. Instead of imposing your views, understand and appreciate your family members’ views. Everybody has got the right to hold his views and you need not try to change them.Crane

  1. Bring balance into your life.

  2. You may devote time to your family.

  3. Eat at the right time. Crocodile

  1. Assert yourself

  2. Set your boundaries.

  3. You are giving too much space to somebody

  4. Take care of your left shoulder

  5. Honor your ancestors – by following the rites ordained. You may send Reiki to them; convey thanks to them; or may be send (solar energy) colors to them.

  6. Check your eyes Crow

  1. If you sight a crow in an unusual circumstance then something good and big will happen to you. Cuckoo

  1. If you sight a Cuckoo, then stop gossiping as you are talking bad about people behind their backs. Deer

  1. You can never imagine the hearing capacity of the deer. Similarly its eyes have 360 degrees vision. So always it is alert. So the message of the deer is “be alert and anything may happen any moment”.

  2. If you see deer very often it says that you are using mobile phone very often. Dog

  1. You may be disappointed, but what has happened is good for you.

  2. Write your problems/ feelings with left hand on a sheet of paper and keep it with you. Read what you had written after 42 days. Look for what you have learned. Dolphin

  1. Listen and observe silence in the coming week

  2. Take care of the joints

  3. Do forgiving exercise

  4. Do physical exercise – a must (walking, yoga)Donkey

  1. You visit old age home. Spend time with the old people who need company, love, and mental solace. Dragon Fly

  1. Any struggle is not a struggle and it is only a challenge – that is the message of the eagle.

  2. Get initiated into a Mantra

  3. Walk in the spiritual path

  4. Watch your temper, arguments will lead you to harmful ways

  5. Stop the quarrel you are presently involved and rise above mundane things

  6. Avoid fats

  7. Avoid sweets – it will take you down spiritually

  8. Conserve your energy Fox

  1. Don’t have either an argument or confrontation with anybody

  2. Stay in the background as this is not your time (to be in the foreground) Frog

  1. If you see frog it says your oxygen level is low as your body needs oxygen. You have to do lot of breathing exercises – alternate breathing/rhythmic breathing. Hare

  1. Trust your intuition

  2. Currently you are avoiding somebody – stop doing that

  3. Thank your parents. You may get knee problems – because you have resentments about your parents Horse

  1. Extend your co-operation to whom you are currently refusing.

  2. White horse means one has to be psychically protect themselves by either doing Reiki, Chant some Slokas/mantras, or burn a lamp twice a dayHummingbird

  1. Be flexible

  2. Don’t be adamant

  3. Openly express your love for others

  4. Grab as many flowers as you can and offer it to a temple immediately

  5. Take care of the neck Jackal

  1. Take less salt

  2. Take adequate water Kangaroo

  1. Take less salt

  2. Take adequate water Kingfisher

  1. Let go off all your fears Kiwi

  1. Go to Thiruvannamalai or any hill station. Time to for a pilgrimage. Lion

  1. Follow your heart and not the brain

  2. Keep your dignity

  3. Don’t repeat the past unwanted behavior or past mistakes. It is time you learn from past mistakes. For  e.g. you are repeating what your parents did

  4. Don’t use the evolutionary memory

  5. Align yourself to universal energy Lizard

  1. Just sit on the chair.

  2. Visualize a rope from you anus going down deep into earth.

  3. Then think about the past events just go on saying,” I release this. I release this.”

  4. When you think, you have completed, thank the mother earth and pull the rope into yourself. Mongoose

  1. No postponement, no procrastination. Now is the time to act with passion. The outcome will be beneficial to you. Octopus

  1. Consult an acupuncturist to find energy level of your organs. Parrot

  1. Stop gossiping

  2. Have a sunbath

  3. Avoid masala food – pungent stuff

  4. Chant Gayatri Mantra – if you are a male. Both male and female can chant Aravindar’s Gayatri Mantra.

  5. Pray to the Sun God. Peacock

  1. You are well protected

  2. Talk with courage

  3. Speak out without holding back

  4. Speak with confidence – as though you know everything

  5. Likelihood of a problem with bowel movements

  6. Take care of the diet Pelican

  1. Release all the anger, resentment, guilt

  2. Stop criticizing, stop grudging

  3. Extend co-operation to your fellow human beings

  4. Take care of your  right hand, right shoulders, and right fingers

  5. Do detoxification Pigeon

  1. If one hears only sound of pigeons and not see the pigeons it is the call of the ancestors and he has to think of his ancestors and feed some body.Polarbear

  1. Take care of the lower back

  2. Go to a Health Spa/Retreat

  3. Relax mentally/physically Python

  1. Take care of your stomach/large intestine.

  2. Add some fiber to your diet

  3. If there is an opportunity, then grab it immediately

  4. If there is a suffocating situation, then come out of it immediately Rabbit

  1. There is no more time available. Act now. Take the decision now.

  2. Somebody is waiting to cheat – it could be your relative, friend, shop keeper or unknown person.

  3. Take care of your Urinary, Genital organs – strengthen your Hara Chakra. This implies there is a strain in your relationships

  4. You may love a person

  5. Curb the desires (message from God and not from the Rabbit), especially the food cravings Rat

  1. Don’t take ground nuts. It will increase acidity in your blood.

  2. If you have made an investment recently or somebody approaches you for an investment, then it means it is a good investment. Analyze the pros and cons of making such an investment.

  3. Throw out unwanted stuff from home

  4. Do some charity

  5. If you bought things in quantities more than you need, give them to somebody Shark

  1. Take less rice and sugar. Avoid if possible.

  2. Maintain your dignity. Snake

  1. If you see snake often means you have to let go of the past and start a new life.

  2. One student asks if snake falls on me what it represents. Snake represents new life. It tells be ready for a new life.

  3. If you get a dream where in a snake chasing you, it means release your guilt. Squirrel

  1. We are likely to get indigestion or flatulence – so take care of your diet

  2. Face anything boldly Star Fish

  1. Somebody in your family needs your compassion and understanding. Tiger

  1. It says focus on god only. Tortoise

  1. Don’t try to take the responsibility of solving others problems now

  2. Stop eating fried foods – especially non-vegetarian food, for some time

  3. Observe and analyze your behavior for some time, from a third-person’s perspective Wolf

  1. You are spiritually protected

  2. Help a blind person in some way

  3. Visit an old age home Wood Pecker

  1. Your trying is not sufficient. You have to try harder.


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