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Meditation from Naran Sir for 14 April 2020

Mother Yashoda used to tell stories to Krishna when putting him to sleep.

One day she called him, come, let us go to sleep.

Krishna immediately jumped and placed himself in the lap of Yashoda looking at her expecting the story. Yashoda, asked him, “What story you want?”

The other day, you stopped Rama’s story when they went to forest.

Please continue that story ma.

Yashoda said, can I tell you something else. No, no, I want that only.

I want to hear more about Rama.

Yashoda continued and asked him where did I leave that? Do you remember?

Yes ma.

Lakshmana went in search of Rama who was chasing the golden deer.

Please continue. Please continue.

He opened his ears widely.

When Yashoda narrated how Ravana abducted Sita...

Krishna grew so angry, red faced yelled "Lakshmana!!! Come let’s go. Sprang up flared with anger as if reaching for his bow and arrows."

For a second, Yashoda got shocked.

Then Krishna suddenly remembered He is in Krishna avatar. He cooled down.

Smiled mischievously, beautifully and made his mother forget his split-second revelation.





Chant this mantra today.

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