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Meaning of the Names of Yama

Naran S Balakumar “DHARMARAAJAM NAMAMYAHAM” – the eternal law that is inherent within oneself. You cannot deviate from the eternal law. However, you may say ‘I don’t know what eternal law is?’ But you have a conscience, an aspect of the soul that guides you. When you chant “Dharmaraajam Namamyaham” it will guide you as per the divine law. “SAMANAM NAMAMYAHAM” – there is one aspect of the soul which sitting inside your heart that will never comment upon your behavior. It doesn’t tell you whether your behavior is right or wrong. It’s the zone of silence. Observing everything happening in the surface mind with a sense of equanimity is ‘Samanam Namamyaham’. “KRUDHANTHAM NAMAMYAHAM” – brings anything to end – a closure of it, expedites and transition. A puberty is a transition, marriage is a transition, conceiving is a transition, menopause is a transition and every such stage in life are all transitions. Say something – a marriage is not happening as per time, then you can chant “Kridhantham Namamyaham, Kaalam Namamyaham”. “DHANDA-DHARAM NAMAMYAHAM” Sometimes, we think that bad people are not punished or why something is not happening to them? Why me? We go into a victim state. DHANDA-DHARAM is an aspect of soul, which knows when to give and what to give and whom to give. Though, we have a free-will and choice, there is always a framework of soul and we cannot go beyond that. You can write the name of the person who is addicted to alcohol, who is immoral, who is in a bad company – whoever you want to reform - draw a circle around the name. Draw one more concentric circle around the first one and in the gap write the above mantra - DHANDA-DHARAM NAMAMYAHAM. KAALAM NAMAMYAHAM – it is the time that brings life as well as death. YAMAM NAMAMYAHAM – King Yama is always duty conscious. For him there is no good person or bad person as when the time comes he will act (to take their life). Like Yamam says, do your duty in a state of equanimity. Nothing may be happening, yet you try, try and try again – for which Yamam, and then wait for the time – Kaalam. PUNYAMITRAM NAMAMYAHAM - Life is a balance of Punya (good karma) or Papam (bad karma). Even when you do good things in life, sometimes bad karma will prevent the Punya Karma to operate. To disassociate from bad karma and nullify it, and at the same time to enjoy good karma at the right time, you chant “Punyamitram Namamyaham”. EESAM NAMAMYAHAM – all the above-mentioned seven aspects are governed and ruled by Paramatma, who is there in your heart as Eesam. In this way you can manipulate one mantra at a time or you can chant all eight Namas or mantras at the same time also.


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