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Master of Death and Truth

I will give you eight Namas (names) of Yama, the Lord of death:Dharmaraajam Namamyaham Samanam Namamyaham Krudhantham Namamyaham Dhanda-dharam Namamyaham (the one who gives punishment) Kaalam Namamyaham Yamam Namamyaham Punyamitram Namamyaham Easam Namamyaham

The benefits of chanting the Mantra are:

  1. If you chant these daily, fear of death will not be there.

  2. The additional benefit is that, there won’t be any fire accident. Even if there is fire, no one will die. Everyone will be safe and alive.

  3. This can be told to Children and for those who tell a lot of lies. For those who are getting spoilt in bad company. We can chant this for them. They will be brought back to good books. This mantra will help and be useful - not to fall into bad company and not to do bad deeds.

What does Kaalam mean? Kaalam means time. When time comes, he (Dharmaraja/Time) will give the end. He will not wait for anyone. Time and tide waits for none. So, if we keep prostrating to him, then he will waitJ.


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