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Manifesting whatever you want

In what manner you can honor Reiki? Today, you will be shown positions or parts in the body (refer the manual). Daily, you need to place your hands on those positions – meaning 18 positions multiplied by three (minutes), for 54 minutes. You need not to do at a stretch. In the morning, you may give Reiki on six positions, evening another six positions and the rest of the six positions you can do it before doing to bed. You may watch TV and do the positions. Doing the positions means you have to keep your hands on the particular place. That’s all.

How to fulfill your intention? Intentions are normally written on paper and it will be empowered with Reiki, by placing our hands on on the paper. This simple technique can manifest all the desires.

Feeling the Reiki Energy The only constraint is that you mayn’t experience the flow of the energy immediately. That is you may feel initiated or mayn’t feel initiated. But, you are initiated well. Because initiation is done using white light – divine light, and as divine light doesn’t have hands, you mayn’t sense it. Reiki is so subtle that it will empower all of you here (in the class – both animate and inanimate objects).

Understanding vs. Knowledge The more and more you are committed to Reiki then more and more channels will open up to you. You will be given tremendous knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is different and understanding is different. Knowledge is what you read from the blog. You see the blog and read so many questions and answers. That is knowledge. Once you start practicing, you will gain the experience then you will gain understanding. That understanding is fostered when you get initiated into Reiki.

Doing Reiki on a regular basis If you don’t have time to do it on a particular day, don’t bother about it, but do it next day. The only thing is you shouldn’t leave it forever. You think you don’t have time today. So, you will skip practicing the hands-on positions. Tomorrow, your mind will resist doing it. Once you skip like this for two or three days then permanently you will not do it. Don’t yield yourself to the temptation of not doing it. It always happens with any endeavor.


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