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Make them pay my money

Roopa One lovelier story for the RED BALSAM FLOWER!!! Thanks to FLOWERS, knowingly or unknowingly, I had them in my little garden with all different colors RED, PURPLE, BABY PINK, and ORANGE. My aunt had bought a land 25 years before. Now, this land was sold to another party before she bought. This was unknown to my aunt. Recently she sold her land for huge amount of Rs.16.5 lakhs. But after a few months, 1st party came and started fighting. Now, my aunt is in trouble. At this moment I asked her to take the help of the following items: 1) WOLF: To help her out. 2) Red Balsam Flower: to imagine the flower in the heart of all the demanding people. And yes there was the magic: the person who sold the land to my aunt agreed to pay this amount of Rs.16.5 lakhs to the party whom my aunt had sold the land. Now, only thing she is waiting that the person, who promised to give money, should keep up his words.

Naran Ask her to pray to GUAVA flowers. Chant “ROCK ROSE,SCLERANTHUS”

Explanation The Mother’s flower GUAVA will make them stick to their word: To know more about BALSAM: To speed up: ROCK ROSE Assists GUAVA flower in keeping up the word: SCLERANTHUS

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