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Magic mantra- every day, week and month

RD Today I was reading old articles. I was filled with eagerness to learn more and regret that I “wasted” my last four years. Then I started repeating:

  1. “I release my desire to learn more”,

  2. “I release regrets of the past”

  3. “I accept the present”. Soon my frame of mind was positive and cheerful again!! This is a magic mantra. All day now, I repeat this for all things! And finding myself closer and closer to the person I was – before all the stressful life events (happened to me).

From RULE your MIND Workshop notes

  1. Release the emotions you felt during the day Do this exercise for all of them – taking one emotion at a time. Even if it is a positive feeling, release that. Find out the state of the mind and do the steps:

  2. “I welcome this state”,

  3. “I accept it”

  4. “Can I release that?” Even if it is a negative emotion (or feeling) like anger, you release it. Whatever that does not go, write it in a notebook and continue to work on it, until it goes.

  5. Release emotions felt during the last one week What are the predominant emotions you had? During last seven days what incidents happened? What emotions you felt? Welcome each one of them, accept them and release them by keep saying, “I release, I release”.

  6. Repeat the exercise for last one month Are you able to remember any emotions? Are there are any emotion still persisting? When I say emotions, I mean not just negative emotions but also positive emotions.


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