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Love is safe

Sri This constant depression is taking a toll on me :(. So, when I get even a straw of positivity from you it makes me feel better. No amount of telling my mind anything helps. It continues to feel sad about everything that is going wrong, in parallel. No house, no promotion, no love. And finally all the hard work only gets bad feedback.

Naran Behind sadness, there is expectation to be loved; behind this expectation, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment or fear of intimacy is there. The fear and expectation or desiring operate in opposite directions, and produce the sadness feeling. This fear denies everything you desire. Chant this and write this:

  1. “I release that part, which wants to be loved”

  2. “I release that part, which activates fear of rejection”

  3. “I align with that part, which gives love unconditionally.”

  4. “I align with that part, which feels secured

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