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Love eludes if you don’t do this

Kavitha  I love a boy. Even he loved me.  However, from past one month, he is not at all caring me. He says he love me. But I am not feeling it. He is contact with many girls. Because of him I am daily crying. Pls suggest me any mantra so that he should be attracted to me only. He should love me more without contact with any girl.

NaranLoving is not wanting something or wanting to possess. If the desire is to possess somebody, love eludes. When there is no love but only desire, you will attract one who will have desire to possess others also. For most of the people, desire is operating and not love. Write daily 51 times: “I release the part of me which is desirous to possess. I align with the part of me which truly loves others”. Taking this as a rule, analyse your past life.  Chant “CHICORY, TOGETHER GIVE CIRCULATE LOVE”


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