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Living with Mantras

No matter how big the physical problem, it will heal. It will heal any physical problem. In cases when doctors are not able to diagnose or in cases where doctors who complicate the case. This mantra "Kunjitha Padam Sharanam" will work in those cases. Those who have experienced it are also present here. If we hear someone is in the hospital or if someone is physically very unwell – this will work. We can write it and keep it also for them if they cannot chant. RAVI KIRAN RUCHI KIRAN PARIPOORANAN It heals Tamo Guna. That is, laziness, lethargy, procrastination. To open one’s eyes, who is going on wrong path, this mantra can be used. For stability also it will work. When you are not sure of the position in the office, when you are afraid you will be transferred. This mantra will help. Thus this mantra can be used for one’s stability. This mantra is also for abundance. It will stop the loss of any business. First loss will be stopped and then profitability would start coming. Business will become stable. When someone is going on wrong path, we can chant for the person to open their eyes or we can chant over a glass of water and given to that person.Any mantra can be chanted over a tumbler of water and given daily to others. This mantra is based on Bhagavat Gita, 16th chapter, 23rd Sloka; these words would not be there. To make a person go on right path -this is the mantra. THIRUNEELAKANTAM There is one more mantra – Thiruneelakantam given by Uma (a student). She told that it will remove Karma, but what I have seen by practicing is that it is controlling infections very nicely. It also heals any sex problems. For severe cough, cold and fever – we can chant this. SWADAAYA SWAHA Sada – means Surya (Sun), Swaha – means Namaskar. It is only sun who can burn all our karmas. What does it mean to burn of all our karmas?  All your good and bad karmas will be wiped out so that you will not take birth again. To reach that level, we have to keep on chanting this mantra. If someone is in death bed, we can chant this mantra for them so their karmas gets wiped out and they go to a better place. This is for preventing the evil eye. We can chant this when we go somewhere. PRANAVA ROOPINI, HREENGARA ROOPINI, SACHITAANANDA ROOPINI, SURYA MANDALA VAASINI, NITHYAM NAMAMYAHAM Now, there are a lot of speculations about the world coming to an end. Whether it is going to be right or wrong, we do not know because as per Gita, it is already done.  So let us not worry about it. It might not happen also. On the other hand, we also have a mantra for the safety of this world. It is also to create a green environment and for making a green world. If world is green then it won’t get destroyed or come to an end.  if this mantra is recited on a daily basis, we won’t have any difficulty for food till last minute. Abundance will be there. When I say “there won’t be difficulty for food”, it is meant that one may have plenty of money but one may not be able to eat. Eat well till last breath, think about God and finally attain the lotus feet of God. For that, body should be alright. Philosophy or religion or spirituality cannot be done on empty stomach. Pranava Roopini - The Shakthi or energy behind Om, Hreengara Roopini – Word “Hree” will bring rains and thus it brings in abundance, Sachitaananda Roopini – one who is always happy – Sachitaanandam, Surya Mandala Vaasini – one who protects the world is sun god. This means - The one person who is responsible for the protection of this galaxy, Nithyam Namamyaham – I prostrate to you daily. Ham means I (me). This mantra will definitely turn the world into green. Have full confidence and trust (in the mantra). RAMACHANDRAM PURUSHOTTAMAN Ramachandran got his name because ‘Ramachandran’ is the word which can dispel all worries. That word only has that power. If you want to get rid of a worry, ‘Ramachandran’ can only do. Not just ‘Rama’ alone, only ‘Ramachandran’ can do that. This particular Nama was uttered by Sita. It dispels worries and distress. Ramachandran Purushottaman can be chanted lot of times. There won’t be worries. Worry won’t come near you. BASKARAM PRABHODAM This mantra is to make you be happy always.  Whatever be the outside circumstances, whatever be the situation one can be happy inside. For all of us, this is enough. Baskaram means Surya – we are bringing him inside, we are seeing the atma (inside) outside in the form of Surya. So when we see the Atma inside itself, we get happiness – it would automatically come. Prabodham means happiness. DHARMARAAJAM NAMAMYAHAM, SAMANAM NAMAMYAHAM, NAMAMYAHAM KRIDHANTHAM NAMAMYAHAM,DHANDA-DHARAM NAMAMYAHAM, KAALAM NAMAMYAHAM, YAMAM NAMAMYAHAM, PUNYAMITRAM NAMAMYAHAM, EASAM NAMAMYAHAM (8 NAMAS OF YAMA TO CONQUER FEAR) If you chant these daily, fear of death will not be there, the additional benefit is that, there won’t be any fire accident. Even if there is fire, no one will die. Everyone will be safe and alive. This can be told to children and for those who tell a lot of lies. For those who are getting spoilt in bad company.  We can chant this for them. They will be brought back to good books. This mantra will help and be useful not to fall into bad company and not to do bad deeds.


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