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Listener Mudra Mumbai 2015

Naran S Balakumar Tip of the thumb touching the middle finger, while index finger is placed at the base of the thumb, on both the hands. This is a very important Mudra to be totally aware of what is going on in the mind and to be here and now. Most of the time, you will notice that all the thoughts are coming without informing us. Even though we don’t want to have those thoughts, still the thoughts come. Every thought comes and goes without our awareness. Be in this Mudra, when the thought comes, immediately tell the thought to stop. Doing this Mudra is also one form of meditation, wherein you were arresting the time – which is very important as you can have a good time then. Do not bother about bad time. When somebody says this is a bad time for you then you be in this Mudra daily for 15 minutes. By being in this Mudra and you have to observe the thoughts. When any thought intrudes into your mind, say “Stop! Without my knowledge why do you enter, get out”. Or say the word 'cancel' repeatedly. None of the thoughts should come to you without your awareness. When any thought comes to your mind put a block and suppress it. Don’t allow it to come. After doing this you will have a space between thoughts. Even if the there is only one second between one thought to another it is enough. This will increase over a period of time. The space has to increase between two thoughts. Today if you are able to create space for 10 seconds, tomorrow it should be for 15 seconds and like that in the subsequent days. Increase the space between two thoughts and thus be without any thought. Or if you do not want any other thought to come, chant the mantra and do the Listener Mudra. By which even if you do it for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, you were winning over the time – bad time. When something has to be done by today itself and you cannot do, be in this Mudra and remove all the thoughts about it. Without thinking anything, things will start happening. For marriage, purchasing the house, remaining unmarried even after great deal of efforts, or if you want to purchase a house and not able to purchase it, do this Mudra. At least, once a day or twice a day, remain thoughtless.


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