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Let Us Protect Our Mother Earth

Updated: Feb 21

Naran S Balakumar Air is highly polluted these days. What’s the basis of earthquake? Why it’s happening? Bija Mantras and Mother Earth Bija Mantras are essential for preventing earthquakes and thus our motherland. We have a moral duty to think about our mother earth. How we can serve it? The same Bija mantras that work for us and on our chakras, can cleanse, clear, energize, balance and harmonize the five elements of mother earth. By chanting the Bija mantras, you can help mother earth.

  1. The air element of mother earth is highly polluted as carbon dioxide is more.

  2. The violence in the form of wars and creation of nuclear reactors has destabilized mother earth (element).

  3. Drilling of oil is polluting the water element as de-balancing and destabilizing it. Structure and solidity of earth (element) is shaken too.

  4. Earthquake is created so as to create more space, as mother earth needs more space. Let us show our Gratitude to Mother Earth Chant, “OM LAM NAMAHA, OM VAM NAMAHA, OM RAM NAMAHA, OM YAM NAMAHA, OM HAM NAMAHA”. Five Bija mantras take care of five elements. Chanting the Bija mantras for mother earth shows our gratitude to her. However, even after that, we have to say thanks a lot. Why? All our toxins, mental and physical are transformed by mother earth, when we release them. Chanting for India Visualize India map in your left hand. Affirm, “That part of mother earth be cleared, balanced and harmonized”. Let the energy of the mantras cleanse, clear, energize, balance and harmonize the five elements and align them with higher self of mother earth (higher part of earth). Then it will get space. Om Hum Namaha will create more space in earth and thus there will be no earth quakes. Same words combined differently will create a different effect. That’s the specialty and significance of mantras. Do the Bija mantras in the order specified, for five minutes every day to express our gratitude for mother earth.


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