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Learn to drive and have steering control

Jayashree I have joined a four-wheeler driving class.  But, I feel now that I can’t learn driving as I cannot grasp things quickly and do it practically. Iam not a quick learner and lack in confidence, laziness and think that it’s very difficult for me to learn. But, I am very much interested to learn driving. I took LARCH for confidence and MIMULUS to overcome fear and CHESTNUT BUD (to learn something). I have completed my 4-day class. Still, I didn’t have steering control and I am blank when I go for the class. Is there any flower remedy to overcome my feelings and learn driving successfully? Your quick advice will be helpful for me to gather more confidence and complete my current task successfully.

Naran  Continue with Mimulus and Chestnut bud. Add LARCH and CHERRY PLUM (to have steering control).


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