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Learn the Art of White Magic

Saroj I am suffering from problems like giddiness, palpitation, stomach, body and throat swelling from 6 months, and after taking medicines also it’s not vanishing. One astrologer told me that one of my enemies is fussed me by doing Black Magic. For these all, I’m in very much tension now a day. After my Marriage, which as happened 34 years ago, till now I always suffered from various diseases, like one disease gone, another disease takes place. I don’t to know why it’s happening, and I am totally confused on what to do for all these problems.

Naran Your belief only spoils you. Chant “TOGETHER BE DIVINE” regularly. Write “QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX” in a paper and keep it under the pillow. Learn tapping (EFT) and come out of the problems.

Saroj I did not understand fully, what you have written. May you explain me deeply about this sentence –“Your belief only spoils you” and this sentence -”Learn tapping and come out of the problems”.

Naran If you go on thinking about black magic, your very thoughts become part of your belief system and whatever you do, will impede your progress. Find out what thoughts prevent your progress? Release them as if they were not yours, because you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are produced by you and you can release them also, when needed. Find out which behavior of yours keeps you in the same problems. If you want health, what prevents you from attaining this? Simple questions like this will change your life. When you start analyzing yourself, you will come to know that you are the creator of your life. Nobody else is responsible for our present Life. If you think that somebody can spoil your life instead of blaming and criticizing him, find out ways and means by which you can change him. Unfortunately when the mind is not in my control, how can you change the mind of the other person? As long as we harbor the idea that we’re powerless in mending our life, as long as we don’t take steps to correct the pattern of thinking, it is impossible to move forward in life. How long are we going to blame others? How long are we going to harbor anger and resentment? How long are we going to carry on our life without the thought of surrendering to the one Almighty, who is behind not only you but also others? When will we fill our heart with love and love only and be loving? When are we going to stop our begging love from others and start seeking love from the one who is ever ready to offer himself fully? Life is a Sadhana (learning to master). Life is Trust in Divine. Life is Courage. Life is Gratitude. Life is Perseverance. Persevere to become love!!! PS: EFT or Tapping is the technique to come out of our emotions. Search the internet on EFT.


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