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In Life…Fly Safe

ClientAs describing a flower is never the flower itself, some of the most subtle blessings and experiences lie beyond the reach of expression. All the good that has come into my life since discovering the various methods offered in this blog are one of those. I will illustrate with two specific clear examples and also dwell on the changes in a larger way. Me and my brother missed our flight from Mumbai to Bangalore had to get back at any cost the next day morning. I lost 10,000 Rupees. The next and only available flight was at 2.30 AM or so which was an international stop over flight. Desperately withdrew money around 15000 and booked onto that flight. We went to the international airport, and realized that we cannot enter without passport!! How could I board without being able to enter? I was gutted…I had no money left in my account even to check in to a hotel. I returned to the travel agent who sold us the tickets. He said he could not help. I had lost nearly 40,000 in few hours and it seemed impossible to get to Bangalore. I called out to wolf. A man working at the agents immediately came out and offered help. He told us he had a relative in the forex department at the international airport. We went back there and the person was already waiting for us. We were allowed in without security check even when there were at least 70 people in queue!! He escorted us until we got the boarding pass and in a few hours I was in the flight safe sound, grateful and completely amazed.


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