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Improve your level of self-confidence

Anupa I am an HR trainer. I am into a very big assignment with an organization - HPCL. Four of us have to work as team, of which one is known to me and the other two trainers are from Bangalore. This was the second in a series of forty sessions. The coordinator of the entire training called me aside and told me that the other two trainers feel that I am not capable of handling this work. They feel I will not be able to perform up to their expectations. My first reaction to their feedback was irritation and anger. Then I suddenly realised that for the past few days I have been thinking in the same way. I have doubted my own capacity. So, I immediately began tapping (EFT) by affirming "I accept myself totally and I am confident". In addition, I tapped, "People working with me are confident about me". After doing this, I felt a lot better and just plunged into the work. After two days, I was told by the coordinator that I had done an excellent job. Most importantly I was a lot more confident at the end of all this. Thank you, Balakumar.


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