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  1. “I am working hard but not making money” – something in me is resisting making money. If I release that resistance, then making money is a piece of cake.

  2. “I want to reduce my weight” – one part desires to be slim, while another part resists by eating all junk stuff.How do I manage these two forces working in opposite direction Let us take the example of not making enough money.

  3. You are also resisting the present state. You are not able to accept your present state, for example, the fact that you are poor or overweight. Accept your present by affirming, “I accept myself totally” “I accept myself even though I am poor (or overweight)”

  4. We should be aware of the two forces opposite to each other inside us. “I want abundance of money” – is the desire. What’s the feeling behind lack of money? Welcome this feeling and release it. Release every feeling associated with lack of money. Affirm, “I accept my lack of money”. Then start accepting the feelings and thoughts associated with it. “I accept my feelings of shamefulness” "I release my feeling of shamefulness" "I release the thought, I can’t make money” Then release your internal resistance. "I release my resistance to earn ___________".

  5. Resistance means opposition. Therefore, affirm, “I release my own opposition to making millions” (When we see opposition outside us, we see nothing but our own opposition) Do tapping while affirming the above for better results. Should it be done routinely? For better results, do it regularly or as soon as we get those feelings again. Nobody is blocking us. The block is only inside us.


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