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How to Realize Atman

Naran S Balakumar How can Atma be the same as mind? You say peace of mind but not peace of Atma. When we go and search for peace, we find that there is something behind the peace. It’s the Atma – which is the Universal Energy, Prana, Love, Peace and Joy – Satchit Anandam. Atma is always happy and always present. What about mind? If there is no thought or emotion then there is no mind. It’s only a tool of Atma. Atma observes it. We have to merge mind with Atma. Until then we are ruled by mind. It’s not learning. It’s realized. What's an Atma then? It can’t be learnt. It’s an experience. We can point the direction by saying ‘don’t touch fire’. However, we touch fire to experience it. Likewise, we can’t learn about Atma. Though, we can experience Atma through Reiki. We have to keep on doing Reiki to achieve that. Today you are supposed to come here and see me. Reiki has helped you to come here. We think we decide but we don’t. Something made us to come here. Keep on trying. Even if you don’t finish it this Janma, in the next Janma you continue from where you had left in this Janma.


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