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How to Get the Grace of God

Updated: Mar 8

Naran S Balakumar

Whatever happens is due to grace of god. Which is inside me that is preventing to get the grace of god? Whether I can get the grace or not? As long as one is not happy he cannot get the grace of god.

Only in the state of happiness one can get the grace of god. How to remain always happy then? To get the answer we need to ask the one who is always happy.

Is there is any hallmark for a happy person? A person who is desire-less probably must be happy. It is my desire alone which makes me seek something else outside. In spite of Lord Karthikeyan sitting in my heart, I still seek happiness and love outside. Man is born with three desires. It is innate. DESIRE for APPROVAL, DESIRE to CHANGE or CONTROL some person and DESIRE for SECURITY are the three desires. Desire to change or control some person – that is RESISTANCE. Whatever happens we desire to change them. Everybody has to listen to me. All parents are happy if the children listen to them. As long as there is a desire to change or control a person or event, one can never be happy. And there is also a desire for more security. Fear is nothing but desire for more security.

Is there a person in this world who is devoid of all these desires? Do you know him? There must be at least one person who is like that - who is ever happy. Who is that person? Can I not become that person? At least let me chant the name or Nama of the person for the time being. Let me be happy that way. Shiva means Mangala – a person who is always happy, a person is always in a state of happiness because he doesn’t need anything. The man is full of desires, while Siva is devoid of desires. This ACCEPTANCE MUDRA activates the fire element The Fire is the one which elevates your thoughts because it doesn’t go downward (always upward).

How to achieve the highest of happiness When our solar plexus chakra is balanced and when the fire element is higher, we always seek the highest. That is Namashivayam. That is Siva. That is the highest of happiness. Shiva is the embodiment of happiness. By chanting Namashivayam, let me become Shiva at least in my mind and heart. Be in ACCEPTANCE MUDRA and chant “NAMASHIVAYAM”. Whenever you feel something is not happening be in this Mudra and put the light from the SUN GOD to the darkness in me – the area of the part of the mind that wants it. Go on putting the light until darkness is transformed into light and love. Until you feel satisfied chant “NAMASHIVAYAM


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