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How to Cross Various Life’s Hurdles

Naran S Balakumar Lots of people face obstacles. How to remove those obstacles? If you have any obstacle, you will not know how to proceed further. To overcome the obstacle chant “OM JOOM SAHA SAHA JOOM”. This will help you not to think about the obstacle and proceed further.

Do this exercise Imagine a mountain in front of you. Chant this mantra and climb the mountain and go to the other side crossing the mountain. Whenever the following thoughts come, chant this mantra:

  1. “Whatever I do, it’s not happening”

  2. “I am frustrated”

  3. “I have tried lot of methods but nothing is working”

  4. When you loose all the hopes, this mantra will be useful. HA means mountain (i.e.) problems, and body. SA is the one of the petal mantra of Basic Chakra. Out of basic chakra only, the body is formed because it is the earth element. Earth element contains all the five elements (i.e.) the body. Body means structure. HA means create a space. HAM is the word which can creates a space wherever it is. You will have extra breathing time. SA is for basic chakra; HA is for third eye chakra. There are three petals for third eye – HAM, VAM, and KSHAM. SA and HAM becomes Soham. From the lower mind, you reach the higher mind. It is called Soham. Soham reveals what you are. It cannot do anything other than that. Om is the space creator. It maintains everything. Joom is the fire element. Only fire can disintegrate the matter. Joom will clear the obstacles. But effort should be taken by you. Nobody else can do that for you. Out of concern, don't think that the other person has to overcome the obstacles. It is your anxiety. Your anxiety about the other person will add up to your Karmic baggage.


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