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How to come out of disharmony

Updated: Apr 16

Naran S Balakumar

Disharmony comes out of ego and pride What good things have you done in your life? How many people praised you? Sometimes when you do some work, you feel satisfied that you have done a great work. What is that? The disharmony in the family happens when you are praised outside and you feel that you are not given enough respect at home. Without understanding that you are not respected at home only, you are praised outside. Think about the events where you are praised well. You might helped somebody and felt that you have done that. This ego and pride brings the disharmony. We are only ordinary people.

How to bring down the ego when somebody praise? You are not doing anything without the will of God. It is he who wills and you are an instrument. Suppose your pen comes and tells you that it has written so much. What will you do? Immediately you will break the pen and throw it away. Surrender the ego and relinquish this part so that you always keep in mind that the divine is the doer and you are just a channel. Don’t feel proud that you are the channel. Think that let you be fit to carry on the divine work.

How to kill the mind and remove the ego? RAMAM MANOHARAM MANOHARAM RAMAM Rama has done everything without Ego. He submitted totally to the Divine Will trusting the divine. That’s why Ramam is Manoharam. Mano means mind. Haram means kill. Manoharam also means beautiful. Only divine is beautiful. Be engrossed in the chanting of the mantra. “Rama, make me also behave like you. Make me also surrender all my ego and allow the divine to act”.


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