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How not to be deceived and cheated by any fraudulence

Naran S Balakumar “OM IM INDIRAAYA NAMAHA” In these days of Facebook culture, this is a very important mantra. We hear cases where one gives two lakh rupees to get five crores of rupees and gave 20 lakhs rupees to get a job, and losing their money in the process. This is a case of (Bach Flower) CHICORY (getting greedy) and Cheating going together. Not to be deceived or cheated by any fraudulence is the purpose of using this mantra. Sometimes, when you go to the cops, they may turn against you. We hear stories of advocates turning against their clients. So, this mantra can be chanted almost daily so that we will not attract energies of fraudulent of today’s world. IM gives you higher perception. It also works on eyes. This mantra belongs to the Kettai Star. The ruling deity is Indra, who is the lord of the heaven, but at the same time a master at trickery – his lowest part. Kettai star is in full of energy at Africa only. That’s why we get all the fraudulent mails from African countries. To escape from that type of energy, you tap the highest aspect of Indra. While chanting the mantra do it with full force, as then only Indra’s higher aspect will come to us. The chanting of the mantras is available in a DVD. Please contact center to buy a copy of the same.


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