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How Kunjitha Padam Saranam Mantra works?

Naran S Balakumar Where does it work? What is the affinity of the mantra? This mantra works on our panic state. When you start panicking, this mantra will stabilise you. When you are concerned about the person in the hospital, he will automatically become normal. This mantra works on the kidneys. When the kidney is not functioning well, breathlessness follows. Please note that any kidney problem will finally affect the lungs. Whenever there is breathlessness, this mantra can help. It works on the heart muscles – as if searching for the inner heart. To find the inner soul, you can chant this mantra. This mantra can be used for any acute physical/ mental disorder; where you are not able to control the hysteric patients. You cannot manage Schizophrenic patients. You become panicky and lost to find the solution to the problem. This mantra helps in those situations. It reduces your panic thereby healing indirectly the mental patient. When panic strikes, you will not remember any mantra other than this. That is the beauty of this mantra. You will not remember anything else. In that way, it scores over other mantras.


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