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The Bach Flower RemedyKey Words Hatred, envy, suspicious, doubt, revengeful attitude, no humour Message from Holly “I love” Indications

  1. Anger , Rage

  2. Fears of being deceived

  3. Frequently feel offended or hurt

  4. You are easily annoyed or you get angry at everything and everybody

  5. Have you ever felt pain when you heard about some one’s luck or happiness?

  6. Was there any occasion you become violent and overheated?

  7. Sibling rivalry

  8. Will do harm to others

  9. The control negative feature of this flower is suspicion. Holly is specific in paranoid personality disorder.  The person thinks that others are there to deceive him or play tricks on him.

  10. He doubts the loyalty of others

  11. He doesn’t make friends easily

  12. He has no sense of humor

  13. He is irritated because of suspicion

  14. He considers everybody as his enemy

  15. He has jealousy with anger and insults others

  16. He feels others are happy

  17. He gets easily offended by jokes

  18. Holly people live in a constant state of restless irritation, get angry easily and lose control of them

  19. Even a fly on the wall will anger them in situations of extreme tension Some of the statements from a Holly person are…

  20. Others always misunderstand me

  21. I feel angry at everybody including myself

  22. I easily fly into a rage

  23. Sometimes, I am so tense that even a small thing makes me mad

  24. I often get angry at myself, especially when someone has persuaded me to do something I actually do not want to do

  25. I often have uncontrollable temper tantrums

  26. I am constantly unsatisfied and suffer for no reason

  27. My friends say I am hot-tempered

  28. Sometimes, I am very unfriendly, although the other person has given me no reason to be

  29. I often wake up at night to my own voice and hear myself complaining out aloud

  30. I am resentful

  31. I am very suspicious

  32. It is very difficult for me to forgive myself or others

  33. I feel very jealous when my husband goes to a seminar and therefore, he has to call home every hour.

  34. I often envy other women who are prettier than I am

  35. My temper has become violent (Holly has no feelings of compassion)

  36. I hate……… who has such a happy life

  37. I am bad-tempered, discontented and frustrated, I don’tknow why?Now I have come to a stage where I can’t trust anybody. Usage

  38. HOLLY protects us from everything that is not universal love. It opens our heart and unites us with divine love.

  39. The flower remedy HOLLY helps against anger, hate, envy, jealousy, suspicion and revengefulness

  40. Cut off from others – HOLLY + HEATHER

  41. I always have a feeling of being deceived (deceit). I always suspect that there is something negative in what people say: HOLLY + CRAB APPLE

  42. I feel offended or hurt easily.

  43. When I hear of somebody’s luck or happiness or growth, aflash of envy or jealousy comes in the heart: HOLLY + CHICORY

  44. As a result of their temperament, Holly people suffer acute and violent illness for example, sudden high fever, inflammation burning or itching, skin rashes, allergies. In these cases, HOLLY can be considered.

  45. Sudden shooting of temperature or BP: HOLLY + CHERRYPLUMHOLLYI have become jealous of othersHOLLYI start feeling that people have "ulterior motives" I start suspecting themMIMULUS, HOLLYThe child is often irritable, aggressive


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