Healing Physical problems Using ‘I am Sorry’ Mantra


Keep the physical problem – for example stomach ache, along with the associated thoughts, beliefs and emotions in the left palm.

Draw the infinity symbol and chant the ‘I am sorry mantra’ while bringing the hands together.

This is one aspect of healing, which should be done every day.

If you are concerned about other’s health, keep your own fears about it and any other feelings on the left palm and heal it with the ‘I am sorry’ mantra.

Don’t keep the Disease (Diabetes, High BP etc.) on the left palm. Rather keep the symptoms on the left hand and do the healing. Why?

When you say Diabetes, for example, you are activating the consciousness of Diabetes, so that others also will be affected by it as you are sending it outside.

More and more you say diabetes – name the disease, more and more it travel to another person. This is the reason for most of the people getting a particular disease.

When you want to heal cancer, don’t say cancer. Instead, call undead cells.

Along with the undead cells, put the symptoms, emotions and thoughts, the affected organs, on the left palm. If you don’t have the symptoms then don’t bother about it.

Take the right hand one foot away, chant the “I am sorry” mantra slowly bring the right palm towards left palm and then finally make a prayer posture and come out.

If it is diabetes, keep the concerned organs pancreas, liver etc.) on the left hand and do the healing as above with I am sorry mantra.

Additionally, you can do the following. Let us say, you have high BP, the concerned organs are heart, kidney, blood vessels.

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