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Heal your Frozen Shoulders

Naran S BalakumarUDHARVAM MERUDANDA MUDRA – make a fist by curling all four fingers tightly and extend thumb up, keeping the thumb as straight as possible. Rest hands on middle of thighs with thumbs pointing away from each other. Right thumb turned towards right side; left thumb turned towards left side. This Mudra heals frozen shoulders. If it is on the right shoulder, you can do this Mudra, and chant the mantra “OM HAM KAM NAMAHA”. If it is on the left shoulder then chant “OM HAM CHAM NAMAHA”. Kam belongs to right shoulder, while Cham belongs to left shoulder. I want to create space in the shoulders. So, I have added the Bija Mantra HAM. Frozen shoulders mean that you are not able to move. It is jammed and there is no space there. So, to open up the shoulder, be in this Mudra and chant those mantras. Normally, frozen shoulders happen because of lack of the synovial fluid – dried up synovial fluid. At that time, chant “OM VAM HAM KAM NAMAHA, OM VAM HAM CHAM NAMAHA”. Vam increases water and Ham increases space. The joints are made up of space and water. Why there is a problem in the joints? The air goes into the joints, dries up the water and reduces the space. It is the air element that wears out everything. Do the Mudra for 30 minutes a day.


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